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About Us

Wellfleets.org was created to celebrate The Quintessential American Oyster. Our goal is to present the stories of Wellfleet’s shellfish farmers and wild harvesters, show why Wellfleet is home to such distinctive shellfish, and to share ways that consumers can enjoy our world-class oysters.

The sponsoring organization of wellfleets.org is Wellfleet Shellfish Promotion and Tasting, (S.P.A.T.) a non-profit founded in 2001 with a mission to preserve, protect and promote Wellfleet’s shellfishing legacy.

Together with our town’s fishermen, farmers, seafood chefs, and shellfish purveyors, we proudly continue our commitment to honor the natural environment of Wellfleet, our shellfishing traditions, and our independent way of life.

To learn more about S.P.A.T. please visit their website.

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