A Deeper Dive

How to Shuck an Oyster

Ready to shuck? Gather the tools and accoutrements you need ahead of time, such as an oyster knife, shucking gloves, dish towel, ice, and platter/plate for serving.

Make sure to give the oysters a good scrub to remove any sand or shell fragments, set yourself up on a sturdy countertop or table and get shucking. It might take a bit of practice to perfect your oyster opening technique, but it's worth it!

Shuck 1

Step 1

Place oyster in the middle of a towel, keeping the hinge exposed and pointing toward your dominant hand.

Shuck 2

Step 2

Place tip of the knife at the hinge, parallel with top shell, applying slight pressure to get knife tip to set into the hinge.

Don’t twist or pry. Be careful not to drive the knife into the meat of the oyster.

Shuck Step 3

Step 3

Turn knife clockwise (or counterclockwise depending on your dominant hand) to pop top shell. Keep knife turned so blade holds shell apart. Slide along one side of shell from hinge down to rounded bill. Discard top shell.

Shuck Step 4

Step 4

To remove oysters from the shell, scrape small round muscles under the body in the cupped part of the shell.

After you have opened all your beautiful Wellfleet oysters, be sure to serve them chilled, (on a bed of crushed ice is ideal) with space to nestle any condiments you chose next to them on the plate.

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