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Sea. Salt. Sand And Sun.

An outstanding combination of natural elements in and around the nutrient-rich harbor of Wellfleet.

The tides, the water, the flats; each play their part to make Wellfleet a magical place. These unique qualities create The Quintessential American Oyster.™

Why Wellfleet?

Wellfleet is synonymous with oysters. The clear, salty waters, rich tidal flats and wide but shallow estuaries of Wellfleet Harbor have been producing supremely delicious oysters for centuries.

We have the perfect natural environment for shellfish, and a tight knit small town community with a sense of pride in this amazing product.

Sonya Woodman, Wild Oyster Harvester
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Cultivate Character

Wellfleet is home to a magical combination of natural elements that come together to create the quintessential American oyster...and our community works hard to protect and sustain this incredible resource, and this valued way of life.

The Flats

When Wellfleet’s nutrient-rich water recedes, it reveals wide, productive sweeps of sand where shellfishermen can cultivate their farms or harvest for wild oysters. Regular exposure to air on these flats help make Wellfleets very hardy, and able to withstand shipping while still staying fresh and delicious.

the Tides

Wellfleet Harbor, with its broad and shallow estuaries, enjoys big, fast-moving tides that average around 12 feet. So twice a day, a considerable volume of fresh, nutrient rich ocean water sweeps swiftly through the shellfish beds, feeding hungry oysters.

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